13 Girls On The Politics Of Spending On The Very First Date

To get a little clarity how straight women feel about spending on the first-date, we consulted our readers on Facebook. Their responses essentially fell into four categories:

There were those that believed the man must always pay…
In case a man asks a woman on a a romantic date, he should spend, but she should provide to help spend. He should decline, even for her to pay just the suggestion, if he needs a second date. After they’ve a few days, she should assist together with the expenses of dating.

…and the ones who were conflicted about everything.

I usually offer to pay half, but my worst relationships have been with men who taken. I will continue to provide because part of me will often be weirded out to only assume somebody planning to cover my shit, but seriously, when they accept, its not a great indication for the long run. I earn my own cash and I’m happy of my capability to look after myself, or perhaps handle a man basically need, yet this powerful confuses the-hell out of me. I don’t know why men who will simply take my cash always end up tragedies. Along with the feminist in me despises how delighted I ‘m when they spend. I despise literally every thing about paying the bill on first dates. I despise offering and taking. Ugh.

But mostly, women were completely fine with carving the check…
while I go on days, I usually offer to divide the bill or round of drinks. I do it since I think it is more important to be considerate of others’ situations than to just assume that one-person is going to offer and take good care of you. I know what it is like to live paycheck to paycheck, I really sense that offering to divide the expenses claims ‘I appreciate the gesture, but I can hold my own. Perhaps not because I want or desire to, but since I have sufficient respect for you personally and enough self-confidence in myself to know that splitting dinner is not going to determine the rest of my love-life.’

On any date, be it the first or tenth, I am always willing to pay for my part of the statement. A lot of the period, the man insists on spending, therefore I do not refuse the offer, but I’ll make the point to pick up the check every now and then. I was instructed never to depend financially on anybody.

…or masking the complete tab themselves.

I normally move based on who requested for the date. If he did, I expect him to pay, but always bring cash just in case. Easily ask a guy out, I completely intend to pay. In this very day and age, in case you like to date someone or move out together in virtually any capacity, you-can’t expect them to have cash to blow on a motion picture, putt or dinner. If if you should be the man requesting to move out, you must be the man expected to pay.

The individual who asks the other one out should pay for the first-date. Subsequently I think they should switch, or determine who pays based on who asks and makes the strategies.

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