Know How to Have Fun


Where do you start when you want to plan how to have fun?  When you want to do a road trip, how do you decide which way to go?  How do you find out about what’s going on?  Radio, television, newspapers, magazines, books, guides, pamphlets, other publications, word of mouth, mail and email, and the Internet.  This guide is the result of organizing what we’ve found from all of those resources, on the subjects pertaining to fun.

Using this site, you can search for celebrations by what you’ll be doing, the reason for the celebration, when you want to party or simply where.  Learn about party etiquette, the “costumes” to wear, planning your own event, and the music, food and religion of other cultures.  The site is also a research tool for business travelers, so you’ll know whether the banks and businesses will be open when you get there… or whether they’ll all be out celebrating!

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